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eCommerce Image Editing Services

eCommerce image editing is not easy. It’s a skill and requires complex image editing software. You may not have the time nor expertise to get the job done professionally. That’s where we come in.

Let our team of talented and versatile photo editors make your dreams come true with industry-leading photo editing tools like Photoshop. Completely reimagine your image or, if you need help, let our professional creatives give you ideas through expert consultation and altering templates, elements, and features.

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Apparel image editing
Shoe photo editing
Jewelry photo touch-up
Product cutout and reflection shadow
Portrait photo retouching

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Mannequin effects and Symmetrical Shapes

Learn our eCommerce product editing service specially design for online apparel store.

Ghost mannequin effects.

Build e-commerce imagery. Mannequin effects of 2D and 3D techniques.

When do you need an Image Editing Service?

Want to be seen walking on a lake? Swimming in space? Just need some quick image editing? However simple or extreme, with Fotomasking’s image editing service, you can do whatever you want with your photos and make reality something else.

  • If a certain photo shot isn’t possible because of the danger, geography, expensiveness, or any other reason, then seamlessly superimposing the object with a different, perhaps surreal environment is the better alternative–as you’re saving yourself the trouble.
  • eCommerce photo editing: need a different background for an eCommerce product like a counter-top? Color and size variants? The proper image editing adjustments make this possible.
  • Do you like bending reality to your will to capture the viewer’s attention or communicate something better? For example, you may want a filled shirt but no visible mannequin (looks unprofessional)  to accentuate the fit. So, you can hire us to implement the Ghost-mannequin effect.
  • Want to turn a dull, raw image into a colorful, crazy digital art? Take advantage of advanced color-grading and filtering tools to enhance the appearance of an image.

More example

Product image cutout
Image resizing and cropping

For visionaries. To make reality something else.

Why choose our Photo Editing Service?

This is all probably very new for you; you’re nervous about making the investment. We get it. 

That’s why we’re excited to offer you a 7-day FREE trial option–just sit back and watch the magic happen. With our competitive prices and talented team that work around the clock 24/7, we’re going to prove to you that you don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy a quality image editing service. 

Pro tip: Get our Clipping path service for eCommerce product photos. Customize your e-shop website design and development.

12 years of experience and 1200 clients later, our creative veterans can handle any business need in any niche. Are you a small business that needs a significant business presence? Make that possible with our lightning-fast turnaround times and incredible precision, quality, and consistency–all while saving up to 60% in image editing costs.

We’re a high high-caliber photo editing service. So, we’re going to stop trying to win you over with words. We’ve explained enough. Let’s get to the real deal: check out our edited image samples and YouTube Channel to see the work yourself. Still not convinced? Simply scroll down, and get your free trial for a personal taste. What are you waiting for?