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Hire a Photoshop Expert

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    Get Quote in 30 mins

    It’s easy on the go to hire photoshop expert. Use Get Quote option and inform us regarding your project. Adobe photoshop experts team will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Qualified adobe photoshop specialist

    You can also avail a free trial of photo editing service. Use our trial process and send us your image and your final image will be delivered within an hour. Sometimes the trial period could take up to 2 to 5 hours.

    Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

    FotoMasking guarantees the quality of image editing and customer satisfaction, along with affordable price. Place your order, upload your content and sit back and relax while we take care of the rest. 🙂

    Offer for our clients

    Up to 40% Bulk order discount. (varies from order size)
    Payment after delivery.
    Reliable and dependent.
    Quick Turnaround. 2/12/24 Hour.
    24 hours customer service.
    How do you ensure quality work ?2017-11-13T01:36:12+05:30

    We are a small team but highly trained up and expert to deliver the best work. Several years of experiences in service and customer support. When experience is matter, we like to show ourselves here.

    How do you offer competitive cost ?2017-09-15T21:59:11+05:30

    FotoMasking has established their production unit in a low cost industry region. Where we have trained up our employee and ready to fit for the work. We not only take the service from them, but also concern about their facilities and working environment. Finally, they provide us the best outcome of your works. That is why FotoMasking is UNIK and we never follow the traditional work and way.

    What about the turnaround time ?2017-11-13T01:38:32+05:30

    We are able to deliver thousand of images on or before 24 hours. But we can provide you rush support as per your requirements.

    Is there limitation of minimum and maximum order ?2017-09-15T15:45:14+05:30

    No, FotoMasking is always ready to provide you the service. It does not matter how about the quantity. Even you can send us a single image.

    Do you have any limitation of file size ?2017-09-15T15:40:41+05:30

    No. You can send or transfer us large volume of data and files.

    What types of files format you accept and deliver ?2017-09-15T15:39:00+05:30

    We accept PSD, png, jpeg, TIFF and other necessary formats. And we can deliver you according your demand.

    What is the process to send or receive files or data?2017-09-15T15:34:55+05:30

    You can send and receive your images by using Dropbox, Google Drive or FTP service. We ensure to keep your data remain secure. For small volume of images you can send it to us by email.

    Will my photos and data ever be used for commercial purpose ?2017-09-15T16:10:03+05:30

    FotoMasking value of every client. We never use your photos any type of advertising and commercial purpose. We committed your data will remain secured.

    If I am not satisfied of the finished images2017-09-02T17:04:24+05:30

    FM media committed to deliver quality and error free tasks. If certainly that happens, we will do a revise work and it is FREE of COST. Just write us an email or call us.

    Payment Conditions

    The payment amount must be cleared within 7 business days after the receipt of the invoices.
    Retailer or reputed companies can usually pay after delivery or end of the month.
    For every new client must have pay 30-40% on their first order.

    File upload ftp service service

    Google Drive